Jacob Lundberg

Economist, Research Institute of Industrial Economics
(Institutet för Näringslivsforskning, IFN), Stockholm

I'm a researcher interested in taxes, pensions and local public finance. Before joining IFN in 2023 I was a political advisor at the Swedish Ministry of Finance and chief economist at Timbro, a think tank.

Email: jacob.lundberg@ifn.se 


Recent research

This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the generational wealth transfer within Sweden’s public pay-as-you-go pension system introduced in 1960. Using extensive administrative registers, the paper quantifies the contributions made and benefits received by each birth cohort. The findings reveal a substantial fiscal imbalance favouring the initial generation (born in the early 20th century), who received a net gain of $1.5 trillion in today's present value, equivalent to up to 13% of their discounted lifetime income.

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Policy work in Swedish


Allt du behöver veta om skatter (Timbro förlag, 2021)

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